As a true sanctuary, Forest Animal Rescue takes on animals – and their expenses – for the rest of their lives. Due to more animals than ever in need, we need your help! Would you consider giving to support the animals in our sanctuary during this time?

See options below to give and change the lives of wild animals in need.

As the seasons turn into spring and then summer, life continues at Forest Animal Rescue and we continue to grow. Growth is good – and that is why we need your help!

A lot of so-called animal sanctuaries have been recently shut down of late because of illegal activities. Forest Animal Rescue is a true sanctuary, and many people are looking to us to help care for the now-displaced animals that no longer have a home.

We give wild animals a safe place where they can simply be. We do not breed or exploit our animals, and we do not treat them as anything other than beautiful wild creatures that need a safe place to thrive.w

Won’t you join us as we grow? We’re currently raising $25,000 to provide sustainable help and care for wild animals in need. Every contribution helps provide an animal with food, medical care, and a safe environment for them to live. Please consider increasing your regular donation (or consider giving regularly for the first time!) in this new season of growth.

Not only are we grateful, but our animals thank you!