October 3, 2012

Groundbreaking Sponsors

Since 1998, the sanctuary has been rescuing animals in central Florida. Now the whole sanctuary has moved to Silver Springs, FL –  Marion County.

With development growing near the sanctuary’s old location, the safety of the animals and their lifetime Wendy capuchin monkeyprotection would have soon come under fire.

It doesn’t matter that the sanctuary is highly respected and had a flawless record in the community; when people move in, the animals would be forced out.

In keeping our promise of protection, in 2013 all of the animals were moved to a new location. Their new homes are on 80 acres of beautiful wooded land, surrounded by the Ocala National Forest.

They will be forever protected from encroaching development – and their new homes will be better than ever!

We have been under construction since the move and are in the final phase of construction of our state-of-the-art sanctuary.

This is your chance to help the animals while showing all of Marion County how much you care.

We are offering an exclusive sponsorship opportunity. With your tax-deductible donation, you will have the opportunity to have your name permanently displayed at the new location, recognition on our website and in all of our upcoming media releases as a groundbreaking sponsor and more.

Will you be a part of guaranteeing the animals a safe future and demonstrate how much you care by making a tax-deductible donation today?

Special instructions:

 There are three levels of sponsorships:

 Bronze:  $1,000

  • You will be listed on our Groundbreaking Sponsor board, permanently located at the entrance to the new sanctuary.
  • You will receive a VIP Membership good for one year after our grand opening.
  • You will receive an invitation to or exclusive VIP Ground-breaking event.
  • You will be listed on our website as a Groundbreaking Sponsor.
  • You will be named in all of our press and media releases.

Black Bear, Elizabeth Rose

Silver:  $2,500

All of the benefits listed above PLUS…
  • A sign with your company name and logo permanently mounted on the front of a smaller habitat to show the community that you helped to build the home for that animal.
  • You can choose from: African serval – capuchin monkey – spider monkey – lemur – horse – donkey – skunk (specify your preference when you make your donation)

Gold:  $5,000

Roy, Bengal tiger hybrid

Roy, Bengal tiger hybrid

All of the benefits listed above PLUS…

  • The opportunity to choose a much larger habitat to sponsor instead of a smaller one. These habitats are the ones that will typically receive more visitor attention, press mentions and photographs.
  • You can choose from: tiger – black bear – black leopard – flying fox – fruit bat – wolf (specify your preference then you make your donation)


Special instructions:


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