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Volunteer with us – Full time residential volunteers:

Residential volunteer program:

We have a program where volunteers from the US and abroad can pay in advance for their housing and food, then stay in our housing and volunteer with us full-time. This is the best way to truly learn about the operation of the sanctuary and build your resume.


  • The minimum age is 21
  • Volunteers pay in advance for their lodging and meals. Please click the link below to download more information.
  • Volunteers help full-time Mondays through Saturdays, with light duties on Sundays
  • Participation is for a minimum of 4 weeks with arrival and departure dates on Mondays
  • Participation is subject to application approval and based on availability
  • Must be able to provide proof of a current negative TB test (within the past 12 months) before arrival
  • In order to participate in activities involving bats, the volunteer must provide proof of a rabies vaccination
  • Hepatitis B and tetanus vaccinations are strongly recommended
  • No pets allowed

What is included:

  • Residential volunteer lodging will be provided nearby, in fully furnished shared living quarters (houses are segregated by gender).
  • A wireless internet connection is available if you bring you own computer.
  • Basic food is provided for meals and laundry facilities are provided.
  • A telephone for local calls is provided. Long distance calls require a calling card.
  • Applicants must be comfortable with spending quiet evenings in their own company depending on how many volunteers and interns are on the premises at one time. Sometimes the lodging is filled to capacity with volunteers and interns and lots of opportunities to socialize, other times there are only a few volunteers on site.
  • Meals are home-cooked and with the cooking and cleanup duties rotated among participants. Basic vegetarian or vegan staples are available.
  • Daily transportation to and from the sanctuary. Transportation to the grocery store for the purchase of personal items is periodically available as we pick up animal supplies.
  • Supervision, materials, and training are provided.
  • Your fee also includes a small donation to help with the care of the animals.
  • This is an experience you will never forget!

What we do NOT provide:

  • Travel expenses to the sanctuary at the beginning and end of your stay are not included
  • Visa or immigration assistance
  • Health insurance (you should purchase travel insurance)
  • Transportation to/from the airport (available for an additional $100 round trip from Orlando International Airport if reserved in advance)
  • Specialty foods or snacks
  • Long-distance telephone calls (calling card required)
  • Personal care items
  • A computer
  • Sightseeing (many volunteers choose to stay in Orlando for a few days before or after their participation to see the sights)
  • We are very rural – there is no public transportation. If you do not bring your own car, you will need to plan on spending quiet evenings at your lodging unless there is a group outing planned.

If this sounds like something you would like to do…

email us to request program pricing or if you have difficulty completing the application online


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  1. The full-time residential program starts at 4 weeks for $1,400 and the price per week decreases the longer you stay. The pricing is on the application form.

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