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Lincoln & Tori, Sulcata tortoises

Lincoln & Tori, Sulcata tortoises

They share almost 2 acres to graze

2 thoughts on “Lincoln & Tori, Sulcata tortoises”

  1. We own a sulcata that we adopted as a baby. His or her name is Franklin. It was the size of a silver dollar when we got it. It has grown over the last 9 years and even though it has free access to our entire yard it is getting to the point where it’s burrows are going under the fence into our neighbors yard. It weighs around 60 lbs. We let it graze naturally and never gave it too many treats. It’s shell is perfect with no spikes or other signs that are common in turtles that have not had proper diet. I was wondering if you could guide us in the right direction to find it a proper home where it can live happily with at least the same amount of space it has now.

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