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Wild Animal Sanctuary and Educational Facility

Where do the animals come from?
meeting the lifetime needs of wild animals in dire situations

Since 1998, Forest Animal Rescue (formerly known as Peace River Refuge & Ranch) has provided rescued wild animals with the space and peace that they need to heal and thrive.

They are given the best in veterinary care, a healthy diet and playmates of their own kind as appropriate.

Animals rescued from captive situations regain confidence as their bodies gain strength, and they learn to appreciate the humans who have come to their aid.

As a true sanctuary, the animals we rescue are never bred, sold or exploited in any way. They are not asked to do anything except be who they are and learn to thrive under the warmth and compassion of our caring staff.

  • Rescuing Captive Wildlife from Abuse or Exploitation

    Our permanent residents have been confiscated by authorities, used in research, abandoned to starve or have been attempted pets that failed because of their wild nature

  • Rehabilitation and Release of Wild Black Bears

    Orphaned or injured wild bear cubs are nurtured and rehabilitated with minimal human interaction so that they learn to thrive on their own and can be released back into the wild.

  • Education to drive change

    We are not open to the public as an attraction or zoo; the only visitors allowed are through guided tours, offered only twice monthly. We have strong volunteer and internship programs to educate others on the issues facing wild animals in captivity and the plight of their wild counterparts


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