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Donate to help the animals:

Wild animals deserve our respect, and too many of them suffer at the hands of humans.

With help from private donations like yours, we help correct the issues caused by others. You can choose to make a one-time gift or schedule a monthly donation to support our ongoing work for animals.

Forest Animal Rescue coordinates with true sanctuaries across the country to ensure the best care for non-native animals that require lifetime homes. We offer consulting to share our many years of experience in all aspects of sanctuary operations.

Meanwhile, we offer native wildlife release services to wildlife rehabilitators across the state on our protected land, away from human encroachment and development. We also rehabilitate and release black bear cubs for the authorities in Florida and surrounding states.

15 thoughts on “Donate to help the animals:”

  1. Thank you for your comment. We have tried reaching out to him before. We had made contact with him at one time but were never able to complete the connection. I’ll try your link and see if he gets the message from his fan club!

  2. I would love to do internship with your organization. I graduate next year october with certification in zoo assistant. I also have certification in wildlife and foresty management. I have couple of questions regarding a internship. First being im going be thirty by time i graduate. Will i be too old to secure housing. Second question i would like come at the end of march to view your organization. Would that be possible to take tour of the place.

    Michael McDaniel

  3. Michael, First of all, you are never too old to help and we would love for you to apply for an internship. Decisions are made based on your qualifications and availability and are not based on age. We are not sure when our semi-monthly tours will resume (they are on hold due to COVID-19 right now) – but if you sign up for our e-news you will be among the first to know. I suspect tours will be up and running again by March.

  4. Ok thanks for getting back to me. I email closer to that time. I will sign up for news letter. I cant wait to be able to get some experience with working exotic animals. Hopefully, it’s with your organization.

  5. Do you need bamboo for pandas ? I have to cut it from coming over fence and hitting my house all the time from neighbors yard. Thanks for saving and caring for the animals! I am in new smryna beach pretty close.

  6. Lisa, You know I love you dearly (all of you), for the great work. It took me over a dozen times to make a donation. The system kept resetting and then deny and reset. I had to change sources for payment several times. I hope this was not for everyone. But I think it would be wise for someone to check on this.

    Constantly, all my best,


  7. Thanks Bob! I had not heard that from anyone else, thank you for telling me! We appreciate your support very much – you are one of our favorite people! Lisa

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