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Eclipse wants to remind you about what today is!


    For the first time sine 1918, a solar eclipse will shadow the United States

    Eclipse, Wolf hybridEclipse, one of Forest Animal Rescue’s rescued wolf hybrids is convinced that this day is named after HIM!

    This eclipse is special – it is a coast-to-coast solar eclipse, nicknamed the “Great American Eclipse” and will be the first of its kind seen in 99 years.

    Now is your chance, if you miss this one, the next total solar eclipse in North American will be on April 8, 2024 and there will be fewer states in the path of totality.

    Enjoy this amazing sight, but be safe – remember to avoid looking directly at the sun or you may damage your eyesight.

    How can you see it safely? Use Eclipse glasses – if they are sold out in your area (as they have been in our area for weeks), you can try welding goggles – here is a link with more information


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