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It’s like being stalked by a turtle! (that keeps changing its mind)

We have been watching this storm for over a week, and the forecasts have varied widely as it has been approaching – the tension is unbearable.

This storm is an extremely powerful Category 4 – only 2 MPH below a CATEGORY 5 hurricane as it makes landfall in Florida.

Our hearts go out to those who are facing that immediate threat. At Forest Animal Rescue, we are in the path of the storm, but much more inland. We hope it does as projected and loses strength to a tropical storm by the time it reaches us.

We are preparing for the worst and praying for the best. 

The animals are all locked into the most sheltered and secure areas of their habitats. We have a facility-wide generator that will help to ensure that power remains on so the animals will have water from our well and their food supply will remain frozen and refrigerated as needed.

We have a heavily wooded sanctuary on 80 acres. Although the trees will block some of the wind, they will also come down, crushing fences and habitats

We will need to ensure that we keep the big generator running, and will need to secure more fresh


We don’t expect to get through this without sustaining damage, and we know that funding for animal causes will be difficult after the storm.

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