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Little bear just missed the hurricane!

    This orphan is lucky the wildlife officials caught her

    Meet Gabby! She is an orphaned wild Louisiana black bear cub. She and her mother were both underweight, and then her mother was hit by a car.

    The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries called us on Sunday with a request for assistance. We picked her up today to get her out of the area before Tropical Storm/Hurricane Delta makes landfall.

    Great teamwork!

    Even though an orphaned bear cub would normally be capable of surviving on their own this time of year, this little girl needs to gain weight or she would never survive the winter.

    She will stay at Forest Animal Rescue for rehabilitation until spring. This will give her time to be restored to full strength and returned to Louisiana to be released back into the wild.

    She is extremely afraid of humans (and reportedly hard to trap) and we will make sure she stays that way. Proper wild instincts will ensure her full rehabilitation and successful return to the wild.

    Stay tuned for updates as she gains weight and prepares for her release!

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