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National Kitten Day July 10, 2020

    National Kitten Day on July 10th purrfectly celebrates the cuddly warmth of a kitty. The miniature furballs of energy snuggle their way into our hearts with no effort all. Within a flick of their tiny ears, we’re in love.

    The day aims to remind us that while kittens are well equipped to find their way into our hearts, many don’t find homes. They’re abandoned at shelters, on the side of the road or wild and feral. Spaying and neutering our pets, including our cats, is vital to their health and keeping the stray population down.

    While many online posts focus on domestic kittens – what abut the wild ones? Here is an image for you to share online to educate others.

    Thank you for caring – your friends at Forest Animal Rescue

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