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It is with a heavy heart that we bring some sad news.

    The red pandas that our team has been working for over two years on rescuing from a defunct zoo in Argentina will not be coming to our sanctuary after all.

    Photo credit Tomás Francisco Cuesta

    We received word that the Juky, the male panda passed away at the zoo in Argentina before they obtained their export paperwork.

    After examination by veterinarians, the authorities decided that Luly, the remaining female, was no longer healthy enough to make the trip to the United States. She will remain in her tiny old habitat at the zoo in Buenos Aires. The facility is being converted into a center for rehabilitation of native animals.

    We are all heartbroken for her.

    We will still complete the construction of the beautiful habitat, and it will be used to provide additional space for our rescued spider monkeys. Once the spider monkeys have been moved into the new habitat, we will connect their old space to the lemur habitat to give the lemurs an expansion as well.

    At least if the red pandas won’t be coming, other rescued animals will benefit from everyone’s hard work and support. We are all extremely disappointed with this news, but will push forward and continue to rescue more animals in need.

    We thank everyone for their support and encouragement as we have worked on this project for the past two years.

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