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The rescued bobcat has arrived and her name is….


    Our newest arrival has made it to the sanctuary safely. Her name was chosen by popular vote and we love it!

    Destiny is in a smaller portion of her habitat for the night. We will give her a day to adjust to her new surroundings before opening up the rest of her habitat to climb into the trees. It looks like she will be at home quickly!

    The rehab facility gave us the tiny collar they cut off from her when she came in. She was obviously a released or escaped ‘pet’

    She had grown since the collar was put on her and it would have choked her as she grew. She was never trained to hunt, so she was literally starving. She was extremely thankful to have the restrictive collar cut away.

    One. Lucky. Bobcat.

    Now she will have the best care possible, for the rest of her life at Forest Animal Rescue. She will never worry about starving because she doesn’t know how to hunt. She will receive wholesome, nutritious food , prepared by people who are watching out for her.

    Destiny will have excellent veterinary care and eventually have playmates of her own kind in a non-breeding, true sanctuary setting.

    Destiny already seems to realize how lucky she is. She came out of hiding to explore and greet us (from a distance) only minutes after being turned out into her habitat.

    Please follow our Facebook page at for updates on Destiny and all of the animals at the sanctuary.

    Tax-deductible donations may be made to help with the care of all of the animals on our website or by mail to Forest Animal Rescue, 640 NE 170th Ct, Silver Springs, FL 34488

    Thank you so much for your caring and support!

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