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You helped us do it!

    Elizabeth RoseAs 2014 draws to a close, Forest Animal Rescue by Peace River Refuge & Ranch celebrates its 16th year of operation. Together we have achieved a great deal, and YOU have contributed mightily to our many accomplishments.


    Here are a few highlights:

    • We have rescued hundreds of wild animals with nowhere else to go, providing them with a safe and nourishing environment and the chance to heal emotionally and physically – once again learning to thrive. They receive lifetime care in a true sanctuary setting.
    • Our robust internship program has taught young adults from around the world about the issues facing wild animals in captivity and what each one of them can do to make a difference, while they contribute to the health and welfare of our animal friends.
    • 2014 saw the construction of initial housing for all our transplanted friends from our Zolfo Springs facility…we installed electricity, a backup generator and a full time water supply to every animal habitat. We acquired a large walk in cooler and freezer to ensure a safe and fresh supply of food, and we began expanding habitats.
    • With enough donations toward habitat construction, we will once again be able to offer larger group tours to see the animals firsthand. Until then, you can access videos and pictures online at or or schedule a private tour for up to four people. The privacy, protection, and safety of the animals is of utmost importance.



    • As we enter 2015, we are beginning our next phase of construction in Silver Springs; expanding the habitats so that all of the animals have the privacy they need and deserve and completing the construction of our vet clinic and state-of-the-art animal care building.
    • Soon we will be ready to begin rescuing more animals in crisis. No longer will we be forced to turn away our animal friends in need.
    • In addition to rescuing wild animals that have been raised in captivity, we will begin our rehabilitation program; saving the lives of orphaned black bear cubs in the Ocala National Forest and nurturing them until they are strong enough for release back into the wild where they were born.
    • 2015 will mark the end of our transition to our new facility, and the beginning of a new era of service, safety, and happiness for our animal family.

    Of course, the building of an entire sanctuary from scratch and the ongoing feeding and medical care for our beloved friends takes money.

    Will you find it in your heart to help ensure that we can provide the spacious, natural homes these rescued animals need and deserve?

    If you wish, you can simply add a note and your contribution can be earmarked to:

    • The habitat expansion program for privacy and rehabilitation
    • The daily nourishment and medical care to sustain and enrich their lives
    • The rescue of wild animals from desperate situations
    • To set up a matching fund for our other donors (call or email for details)

    Thank you again for your ongoing friendship and support!

    Make a one-time gift by clicking this button:

    – OR – Be a guardian angel – set up a monthly donation

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    Lisa Stoner, VP
    Forest Animal Rescue
    by Peace River Refuge & Ranch 

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