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We are celebrating 15 years of rescuing animals! Will you join us as we continue?

    Lynx MishaWe couldn’t have come so far without you!

    The entire sanctuary and all of the animals were relocated to our new 80 acre property in the safety of the Ocala National Forest. This was a massive undertaking and certainly had its challenges; but we overcame the obstacles and have continued with our work.

    [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]We have more construction to do before the animals will have habitats as large as they had grown accustomed to at our old location.[/pullquote]

    As soon as they are comfortable in their new surroundings, with ample space to hide if they choose, we will begin to allow visitors.

    We hope to complete enough of this project to allow small semi-monthly tours for our supporters within the first few months of year; we would love to have you visit us at that time. Watch our newsletter for updates!

    Meanwhile, we would like to express our appreciation for your generosity over the years. Your generosity has enabled us to provide the highest quality care for so many animals in desperate need of our help – and to move our entire sanctuary to a safer location when our old location was under threat of encroachment.

    Over the years we have been able to turn so many tragedies into blessings. Together we have made a real difference!

    Here are just a few of the highlights:

    • We have rescued hundreds of wild animals with nowhere else to go, providing them with lifetime care and the chance to heal emotionally and physically; once again learning to thrive. They receive lifetime care in a true accredited sanctuary setting.
    • Our robust internship program has taught young adults from around the world about the issues facing wild animals in captivity and what each one of them can do to make a difference.
    • As we enter 2014, we are beginning our next phase of construction at our new location; expanding the habitats so that the animals have the privacy they deserve. Soon we will begin to schedule semi-monthly guided tours for our supporters.

    During 2014, we will finish our final expansion and construction to complete our state-of-the art facility with increased capacity to rescue more animals in need.

    Please look for our quarterly newsletter to stay abreast of all the exciting adventures in the coming year!

    Of course, the moving and rebuilding a new safe, secure environment and the ongoing feeding and medical care for our beloved friends takes money.

    Each year we are forced to turn away over 500 abused or neglected animals that are desperate for our help. With our new environment, and enough continuing monthly pledges, we can begin to increase our numbers, and rescue more of these needy creatures. Won’t you consider pledging a monthly donation for all of 2014 and beyond?

    [important]Won’t you consider pledging a monthly donation for all of 2014 and beyond? All you need to do is check the “recurring (monthly)” box and your gifts will be made automatically![/important]

    So, really, we are asking you to give twice: Once for our campaign to finish expanding new facility, and then a monthly pledge to allow us to serve the cast-aside animals that so badly need our help.

    Make your donation online now or mail it to us at:

    Capuchin with corn

    Forest Animal Rescue
    640 NE 170th Ct.
    Silver Springs, FL 34488

    On behalf of the sanctuary animals whose lives have been changed forever, we thank you for your continued compassion and support.

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