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The video we have been talking about is online!

How do you move 138 wild animals in 4 days, safely and in a professional manner? How do you train animal disaster responders in safe methods of handling dangerous wild animals in the field?

Watch our movie and learn how we did it!

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The move was necessary, but we decided to also make the experience meaningful to other animals in the future. It was structured as an exercise to train disaster responders how to safely handle a large-scale movement of potentially dangerous animals. The exercise was called “The Evacuation of a Sanctuary.”

48 volunteers gathered from all directions, including highly trained animal disaster responders from seven emergency response groups, seasoned volunteers and excellent medical and veterinary personnel….

Although we work with 13 veterinarians on a routine basis, the training exercise was led by our own lead veterinarian and advisor to our board, Barry Kellogg.

The move wasn’t without its challenges, but with our careful advance planning, we were able to make adjustments to the schedule and accomplished the move without any animal mishaps or injuries.

When we moved, we left behind 15 years of construction. Will you help us buy materials so our volunteers can rebuild to give the animals an even bigger, better sanctuary to call home?

Thank you for your ongoing support – we can’t wait to show you our new facility and how happy the animals are here!

…Pictures speak louder than words….

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