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4-acre bear habitat is well underway!

    Last weekend we regained momentum to complete our acreage black bear habitat.

    On Saturday we had a wonderful group of 25 hard-working volunteers from Westbrook Services.

    This is the same group that has helped us with electrical, water lines and so many other areas, their skill set is astounding! They brought tools, heavy equipment (even an auger to dig post holes!), work trucks and lots of smiling faces.

    On Sunday, a group of 16 students from the University of Florida picked up where the Westbrook gang left off.

    The volunteers represented the Healing Animals Division of Alpha Epsilon Delta, the University of Florida’s Pre-Health Honor Society. The put in a day of very hard work and the progress is amazing!

    We love our Alternative Spring Break volunteers! Stay tuned for updates  – over the next month we have over 100 volunteers from all over the country arriving to each spend a week of work with us! 

    If we can keep up with the materials as fast as the volunteers can build, we will finish one of the largest bear habitats in the country in record time!

    If you would like to donate to keep the building materials coming for the new home for the bears at the sanctuary, simply put a note with you gift and we will use it for that purpose. Thank you!

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