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Bad news is usually followed by good news

    Sometimes, when things look bad, it helps to focus on the good that follows. That is how we have continued to get through almost 20 years of ups and downs, continuing to grow and improve the sanctuary every step of the way.

    Here are our latest issues and how they are working out:

    • We were hit by Hurricane Irma, but the good news is that all of the animals are safe and our damage was limited to perimeter fence, trees and some buildings.

    • Due to the recent storms, much of our regular donation funding was diverted to human disaster victims – then the grocery stores that had been donating food for the animals suddenly stopped. We now need to purchase over $125,000 in food every year for the first time in 19 years. The good news is that we located a wholesale supplier for the food we need and our donors are coming through and making small, recurring monthly gifts more than ever. If we continue this trend we will be able to purchase the food and the funding will be regular monthly gifts from hundreds of different supporters. Our ‘eggs won’t all be in the same basket’ any more!



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