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Habitat building, equipment repairing, intern house remodeling, landscaping, fundraising, animal feeding….

Animal WarriorsIf you have a little time on your hands and would like to share it with us, we would love to meet you!

The entire sanctuary is run on volunteer-power.

Our volunteers do everything from food preparation and feeding animals to building habitats, organizing fundraisers, building fencing, maintenance, landscaping, equipment repairs, carpentry, cleaning animal habitats and more.

If you have skills to share we are happy to have them; but even if all you have is a love for animals and a desire to do something rewarding with your time, there are no special skills required.

All we ask is that you are over 18, can document that you are TB negative (for the protection of the primates) and are willing to work as a team.

To request an application, simply call the number at the bottom of the screen or visit our volunteer page

We look forward to working with you!!

6 thoughts on “Habitat building, equipment repairing, intern house remodeling, landscaping, fundraising, animal feeding….”

  1. I know volunteers need to be 18 or older, however are there any projects that a scout troop of 7th graders, (12-13yrs old) and thier parents could help with? also do you do tours? our troop visited a big cat rescue near hudson and fell in love. Thank you in advance for your time and thank you for the work you do.
    Kelly Johnson

  2. As long as the minors in the group are covered by their own liability insurance policy (like Scouting should be) we can have them volunteer on a project. We are not giving tours at this time. Before we can schedule tours we need to finish more construction so the animals have more room to move away from strangers to remain comfortable with a group of visitors on the property.

  3. Hi, i used to be a zookeeper in the Night Safari, Singapore. I was wondering if i could volunteer. I am interested and very keen.

    Hope to hear from ya.

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