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Introducing Yukon to Timber….failed.

    Timber is a wolf/wolfdog that was rescued by our sanctuary in 2012. Her companion passed away over a year ago and last month we were finally able to rescue another wolf, Yukon, to be her companion so she wouldn’t be lonely anymore.

    After weeks of living next to one another and showing signs of wanting to be together, we cautiously introduced them. It went well on the first day. However, on the second day, things took a rapid turn for the worse.

    THEY SUDDENLY FOUGHTYukon bit Timber on the throat and severed her windpipe and neck muscles. 

    Timber went through THREE HOURS of emergency surgery, and she has a long recovery ahead.

    We needed to act immediately to try and save her life and we did! Now we owe $3,500 for her vet bills.

    We have started an online fundraising campaign to help offset the expense. Will you help? Even if you can’t donate, you can share this fundraiser online to help us spread the word.


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