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Illinois State University students volunteer to help the animals

    ISU ABWe have just finished working with our largest Alternative Break group to date!

    ISU “Alternative Break” program sent 43 volunteers to work with us for a week solid.

    What an amazing group of students; They chose to come to Florida for their winter break and instead of partying like many of their peers, they chose to do service work for a good cause.

    They were cheerful, hard-working and full of enthusiasm, The gang helped us to clear brush and fallen trees from our new driveway around the perimeter of the property to reduce the risk of fire, and then they almost completed the entire horse pasture fencing!

    [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]The materials alone for each one-acre compound will cost a minimum of $23,000! [/pullquote]We have an estimated 60 students from five different schools coming in March for spring break.

    With lots to build and so much volunteer labor coming, we need to buy materials so tee can build the acreage habitats for the animals.

    Every little bit helps – will you help us buy building materials so the animals can have large habitats like what we left behind at our old facility?

    The Ocala Star Banner did a nice article on the volunteer group – you can read it here:

    Photos of the students hard at work:

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