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King and Three Little Bears

    Forest Animal Rescue is happy to welcome four new rescued animals to the sanctuary.

    “King” arrived first, he is an African Serval that was bred in captivity and sold to be a wild pet. When King was less than a year old he was already showing aggression toward humans.

    Luckily, he will never again be expected to behave like a domestic animal or live inside someone’s house. King will have the companionship of other servals in a non-breeding, accredited, sanctuary setting.

    …Shortly after King’s rescue, the sanctuary received a call about three little bears.

    In addition to providing lifetime care to nonreleasable wild animals, rescued from abuse, neglect, and exploitation, Forest Animal Rescue works with wildlife officials to rehabilitate and release black bear cubs.

    The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries called for assistance. A mother bear was hit by a car, leaving three orphaned cubs. The cubs were malnourished and already showing signs of needing medical attention.

    At FAR, they will get the excellent nutrition and veterinary care required to restore their strength.

    Although we don’t allow the cubs to see or interact with humans, we have named them Iris, June, and Kyle.

    In the spring, when they are large enough to take care of themselves and natural food is plentiful, they will be returned to Louisiana for release back into the wild.

    Happily Ever After…

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