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Please help us finish the tiger habitat for Tony & Roy

We have been steadily building and expanding habitats, preparing for guided tours, but we need your help…

When we left our old location in Zolfo Springs, we left behind 15 years of construction. Our tigers, Tony & Roy, had a 1-acre habitat to romp and play among the oak trees. We have promised them that  we would give them the same space at our new location and we are determined to do just that.

A generous grant from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, matched by gifts from our supporters helped us to get a very good start on the 1-acre expansion for the tigers. Unfortunately, the cost of building materials increased another $8,000 between the time we requested the grant and the time the materials were purchased.

We still have more to finish. Building a one-acre, 17′ tall habitat, using 20′ tall poles is no easy feat – it takes 6-8 people on ladders and equipment to hoist the heavy wire panels that high in the air. As a result, we can only work on the project when we have a good strong group of volunteers. It has made construction move a bit more slowly that we would like.

We are steadily increasing our volunteer base. Now we are only limited by funding.

This is what it looks like when it works smoothly….

Tiger habitat volunteers When the staff, interns and volunteers from two sanctuaries team up, an amazing amount gets finished in a small amount of time. We recently had a fantastic group from Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary in Gainesville, FL join us for a day of hard work. They have quite a lot of experience building with the very same materials that we use and the result of assembling that team was amazing!

We have much more to do – will you help?

The tigers need to have more space before we can begin allowing visitors fro guided tours twice a month. They deserve the right to move away from people and approach the visitors as they are comfortable doing so. In their current habitats, they are safe and secure – and comfortable with the people they know, but there is not enough room for them to move away to keep strangers a comfortable distance as they choose.

We want to keep our promise

Will you help us with a gift to assist with purchasing materials so the tigers can have the space they deserve?

Thank you for your ongoing support – we can’t wait to show you our new facility and how happy the animals are here!

2 thoughts on “Please help us finish the tiger habitat for Tony & Roy”

  1. I appreciate receiving the updates I get from the sanctuary. I hope this helps even in a small way. My funds are limited but I want to help. Love to you both, Ev

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