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Please join us in welcoming our four newest residents

Yesterday two pairs of rescued ring-tailed lemurs (with another female to arrive soon) arrived at the sanctuary! They will be in their quarantine habitat for a few weeks until we can neuter the males and then we will integrate them into our big lemur habitat with the others. Now we need your help to name them!

Make a gift to help the animals and suggest a name at the same time!

With the increased awareness that ‘Tiger King’ brought to the plight of wild animals at roadside zoos and other inappropriate situations, government officials are beginning to take action against places that have held animals in horrible conditions for years.

The abuse stops now. These lucky lemurs will never be bred or exploited again. No more photoshoots. No more breeding to have their babies taken away and sold as pets. They will stay in a troop with others of their own kind at the sanctuary and will receive the highest quality of care for the rest of their lives.

1 thought on “Please join us in welcoming our four newest residents”

  1. Hi FAR folks,

    Love your Lemors and I suggest “Ringlets” for your incoming female! I like your website and approve of your focus. Keep up the good work!

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