It is with a heavy heart that we bring some sad news.

The red pandas that our team has been working for over two years on rescuing from a defunct zoo in Argentina will not be coming to our sanctuary after all. We received word that the Juky, the male panda passed away at the zoo in Argentina before they obtained their export paperwork. After examination by[…]

Volunteer food prep

Have you seen how we feed our primates?

Have you wondered how we are fortunate enough to have them all stay so healthy? The most important component is their nutritious diet and proper preventative care. See what we do to create this nutritious, delicious daily diet that meets their individual needs:  

Christmas for the Animals is not a public event this year…..

In December each year we celebrate our “Christmas for the Animals”….this year we must break the tradition of having a public event and hold it privately. This is not by choice, we would love to invite you and all of our supporters to visit us – but we are not quite ready for visitors… We[…]