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Tomorrow is the big day!

    The Give4Marion 24-hour charitable giving campaign starts tomorrow (Sept. 21) at 10 am and ends Wednesday (Sept. 22) at 10 am

    We invite you to support Forest Animal Rescue, which is dedicated to the lifetime care of abused, neglected, and exploited wild animals in a true sanctuary setting.

    When you give, you are helping to meet the lifetime needs of wild animals like tigers, bears, monkeys, bats, wolves, and more. These animals would be destroyed for lack of a place to go if they were not rescued by a sanctuary, Forest Animal Rescue is their last stop, their last hope. The abuse stops here.

    Remember to check out the matching moments, which are a fun way to double the impact of your gift, but even better – there are prizes to be won for the highest number of donors– NOT the just largest amount of money raised!
    This means that during each hour that they are counting, a donor can give just $10 and still be counted – and they can do that every hour if they see fit. That will increase our odds of winning!

    That means you can make a huge impact by sharing this information online to help us raise awareness and gain donors.

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