July 8, 2012


Thank you for joining us!

The sanctuary limited staff so our volunteers are an integral part of the operation. Would you like to have a once in a lifetime experience while making a real difference in the lives of rescued animals? We need you!!

Working with wild animals is a very gratifying an unique experience, please read the following before applying.

The safety of the animals and the humans that care for them comes first at our facility.

If an wild animal bites or scratches you, it immediately places the welfare of the animal and the entire sanctuary at risk.

Our program focuses on the importance of professional management of captive wild animals and does not promote private ownership of wild animals.

This program does not include physical contact with potentially dangerous animals residing at our facility through the wire or in any other way

These animals are not pets. If you are looking for an internship that offers direct contact with animals you should consider  working with domestic animals.

Only the Forest Animal Rescue staff is authorized to have physical contact and that will be done in a safe manner and only for the purposes of veterinary care and proper husbandry.

Any and all violations of this policy will be cause for immediate dismissal from the program and removal from the property.

Due to insurance reasons and the welfare of the animals there are no exceptions to this policy. 

Job Description:

All volunteers will undergo training on safety procedures and will be trained and supervised by a senior volunteer or intern with assistance from management as needed.

You will be exposed to significant levels of heat and humidity and required to to physical work outdoors. You must be reasonably physically fit, able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds and able to work outdoors in the Florida climate.

After orientation, volunteers will be required to abide by and follow all rules and procedures set out by management. Non-compliance with the sanctuary rules and procedures will result in immediate program termination.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn all activities involved with the proper care and management of wild animals in captivity.

Duties include but are not limited to:

Prepare primate and bat food, this includes sorting, cleaning and cutting fruits and vegetables according to strict dietary requirements. Distribute food to the animals.

Assist in preparing omnivore and carnivore diets and food distribution.

Assist in cleaning animal habitats and pools.

General cleaning and organizing activities involved with feeding and general care for the animals.

Assist with habitat construction and maintenance, learning about captive wildlife safety and caging requirements.

Assist in general grounds maintenance and repairs

Assist in general animal enrichment activities thereby learning how to ensure a better quality of life for all animals residing at the sanctuary.

Assist in general administrative duties related to animal care and sanctuary procedures and other activities as appropriate.

There are FOUR volunteer programs available

  1. Local (part time) volunteer program in Silver Springs, FL 

  2. Residential volunteer program (full-time) 

  3. Internships 

  4. Alternative Break Groups

10 thoughts on “Volunteer

  • My wife and I live in central florida and have a weekend place in Salt Springs. We hope to retire within the next two years and plan to relocate full time to Salt Springs. We’d like to look into volunteering at your new ONF facility. We have extensive construction experience. I served in the Air National Guard as a Structural Specialist for 16 years. We built our current home ourselves and have renovated several homes including the one in Salt Springs. We also both have CDLs. I have a class A and my wife has a class B with passenger endorsement. I also have mechanical experience, although not that much on newer cars. I can weld with arc, mig and oxy acetylene.

    Thanks…Mike and Brenda Judd

  • Hello,
    I represent the enviromental club of Forest High School in Marion County. I have read through the volunteer requirements of being 18 years or older but I was just wondering if there is any way that a highschool enviromental club of students 14-18 year olds would be able to come and volunteer? We would be a group of about 7-15 students, and our club sponsor (a teacher at Forest highschool) would accompany us. We would really love to come help out.
    Thank you 🙂

  • As long as it is a school-sponsors event with an umbrella liability insurance policy we can do it. Please email me at volunteer(at)forestanimalrescue.org and we can go over details. Thanks!

  • I have recently retired and moved to the Villages Florida. I am interested in volenteer work for you. My schedule is open right now. I have spent the last 30 years in maintenance work. Let me know if you need some help.

    Thanks, Stve A.

  • Hi Steve! Thanks for reaching out. We would love to have you volunteer with us.

    If you simply click the “join us” link on our website and select “part time local volunteer” – you will see a short application form. By completing this form, you give us your information and subscribe to our volunteer opportunity email list. You will begin receiving emails with volunteer days right away. All you need to do is reply to one of those emails with your availability for a shift and we will set you up! We are looking forward to working with you!

  • Lions , Tigers & Bears ,
    My son Zachary is 19 years old and ever since he was old enough to talk he has been fascinated by big cats .
    He wants , so bad to work with big cats in some capacity .. To eventually become an experiences handler .He’s a little shy about researching this , so I thought I would do some research for him ..
    Do facilities like Lions , Tigers & Bears ever hire trainees ? He’s not particularly the college type .
    He had rather learn by spending time with these animals . Do y’all have any advice for him ..

    Zak’s Dad
    Jerry French

  • We have a few different volunteer programs that he can work with us through, but we only hire from within our successful interns that have a college background unless a volunteer were to be with us for a length of time and prove themselves to be valuable. He can look under the ‘join us’ link on our website to apply for a volunteer position.

  • Hello am intrested in volentering recueing animals love to start somewhere, am 55 y/o retired and want to help animals in need.


  • We would love to have your help! You can read about our volunteer programs on the “join us” link on our website and fill out an application right there.

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