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Wildfire Near the Sanctuary

    wildfireIt is always good to have a disaster plan, but this is one of those days that serves as a reminder. Luckily the wildfire just east of the sanctuary is not an immediate threat to the animals so far.

    We are fortunate to have a good working relationship with US Forest Service (a good thing, since we are surrounded by National Forest). I received a phone call from them to alert us to the aircraft that will be flying near our property to handle the wildfire and an update on the status of the fire. I hope they understand how much we appreciate that sort of communication!

    We understand that this fire is almost under control already and the animals will remain safe. Of course we will update you if anything changes.

    Did you know that you can see the locations of wildfires or other emergency response near your home or business as well?

    There is a website that is available to the general public that is operated by the Florida Interagency Coordination Center and it lists all of the incidents in Florida with GPS coordinates and a description of the incident.

    If you are outside of Florida, you can go to the main site at and select the area of the country that you would like to see.

    A reminder….

    This will help to keep you informed and serve as a reminder to always have a disaster plan for your entire family….even your fur babies. Remember, if you must evacuate for an emergency – take your pets with you!

    Download a flyer with instructions on disaster planning for your pets

    More information on Emergency Planning for your whole family

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