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Wildlife Artist in India helping Forest Animal Rescue

It is Finished!

You can have this one-of-a-kind, original painting of Zulu.

We are happy to announce that we have been approached by Hukum Chand, a wonderful wildlife artist in India. He is making a painting of Zulu, the tiger that inspired us to start the sanctuary 18 years ago. (you can read the whole story here)

The painting is priced at $850, which includes shipping from India.

30% of the proceeds will benefit the animals at Forest Animal Rescue. Now that it is finished, you can contact the artist and buy it for your very own before it is gone! there is only one!

The finished product:

zulu painting final

This was the work in progress:

About the artist: Hukam Chand, Wildlife Artist

Famous for his Wildlife & Portrait Art & Tiger Paintings; he works with various mediums and types. He does oil paintings, miniature paintings, charcoal paintings (lampblack or soot art work) and water color paintings of all sizes.

Hukam was Born and Brought up in Ranthambhore National Park (famous for tiger sighting and as well as animals) , a Part of Sawai Madhopur District in Stat of Rajasthan in Western INDIA.

Born into a farming family, Hukam has had a talent for painting & sketching since childhood. He faced great challenges taking up wildlife painting as a profession, taking a risk of working without a steady income. Now he is recognized as a person who is committed to promoting art, Ranthambhore and the tiger’s kingdom.

He teaches art free of cost to everyone and especially children from poor families and he is working to save wild tigers.

To buy or promote his artwork to help in conservation, you can like and share his Facebook page at or email him directly

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