Wishing our “Forest Animal Rescue family” a wonderful holiday!

We are thankful

Because of you, we are able to continue to care for the rescued animals at the sanctuary.
Because of you, we are still able to assist animals in need – regardless of the pandemic.
At Forest Animal Rescue, we are blessed to have such a dedicated, extended ‘family’

Gabby- orphaned and starving
At the request of wildlife officials, we have recently rescued “Gabby” – an bear cub that was orphaned and starving in the wild. Thankfully, we are able to help her with rehabilitation until she is well enough to be released in the spring.

We will continue, we will get through this

Together, we will all make it through this year. We are resilient, we are strong, and we are determined.

Thanks to you, there are more rescues underway. Wild animals are being confiscated from situations of abuse and neglect and they still need a place to live the rest of their lives. We will be there for them.

Stay tuned for updates as we move forward with these rescues.
Meanwhile, stay safe and enjoy this time with family and friends. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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