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Timber, wolf (hybrid)

Timber, wolf (hybrid)

Failed as an attempted pet, was going to be destroyed by authorities

6 thoughts on “Timber, wolf (hybrid)”

  1. Would like info on how to adopt and have a wolf like him to bring home and have by my side. I do not like to think of such a beautiful species of animal being destroyed.

  2. Willy, Wild animals such as wolves do not make appropriate pets, as they do not want to be by our side once they are adults. They want to be wild. That is why we rescue them from improper situations and provide them with lifetime care at our sanctuary. At Forest Animal Rescue, the animals are provided spacious habitats and others of their own kind as companions.

  3. Pls i feel compelled to adopt a wolf and save them i have land for them to roam-pls get back to me.

  4. Wolves are wild animals and belong in the wild. We do not breed or place the animals we rescue. If they are unable to be released back into the wild, we provide them with lifetime care in a true sanctuary wetting with others of their own kind.

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