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As 2016 draws to a close…

    As 2016 draws to a close, Forest Animal Rescue enters its 19th year of operation. Together we have achieved a great deal, and YOU have contributed mightily to our many accomplishments.

    Here are a few highlights:

    • We have rescued hundreds of wild animals with nowhere else to go, providing them with a safe and nourishing environment and the chance to heal emotionally and physically – once again learning to thrive. They receive lifetime care in a true sanctuary setting.
    • Our robust internship program has taught young adults from around the world about the issues facing wild animals in captivity and what each one of them can do to make a difference, while they contribute to the health and welfare of our animal friends.
    • 2016 saw the completion of our initial phase of construction at our new location and allowed us to begin the new year rescuing even more animals in need.
    • Our second year of our “Bear Freedom Project” is a success. We are rescuing wild black bears, nurturing them until they are strong enough for release back into the wild where they were born. We work closely with wildlife officials to save these cubs and ensure they get the care they require. The 2016 cubs were just released this month!
    • We are offering guided tours of the sanctuary by reservation for up to four people at a time, only twice a month. Tours can be booked right here on our website.

    Until you can join us for a tour, you can access videos and pictures here or on Facebook at


    • As we enter 2017, we are beginning our next phase of construction and expansion; Bob Barker (the game show host) helped us to get the ball rolling with a $100,000 grant from his foundation. This allows us to begin construction of our vet clinic and state-of-the-art animal care building so we will be able to rescue more animals in crisis. With your help, we will raise the other half of the funds needed to finish the project in the coming months. No longer will we be forced to turn away so many of our animal friends in need.
    • Now that we have completely settled in our new location, we are beginning to rescue more animals and expand our capacity going forward. We just rescued two bears and four tigers from a closed facility in Colorado. The bears will share our existing 4-acre habitat and we will be starting construction of a second acreage tiger habitat to give the new big cats the space they deserve as they are introduced to friends of their own kind. Here are photos of them as they arrived!

    Of course, expanding the sanctuary to rescue more animals while continuing our high standards of nutritional and medical care for our beloved friends takes money.

    Will you find it in your heart to help ensure that we can provide the spacious, natural homes these rescued animals need and deserve?

    You can make a gift to help the animals securely online here

    or it can be mailed to Forest Animal Rescue, 640 NE 170th Ct., Silver springs, FL 34488

    If you wish, your contribution can be earmarked to:

    • The facility expansion program for the animals’ privacy and rehabilitation
    • The daily nourishment and medical care to sustain and enrich their lives
    • The rescue and care of animals from desperate situations
    • The completion of our Animal Care Building to provide the animals with an on-site veterinary clinic

    Perhaps you would like to consider a special gift this season? You can be a Guardian Angel: a monthly gift to Forest Animal Rescue will help us worry less about how to provide the highest quality of care to the animals while continuing to expand the new facility

    2017 will mark the beginning of a new era of service, safety and happiness for our animal family.

    You are their hero! Thank you again for your ongoing friendship and support!

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