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Rescued bobcat

Help us welcome our newest rescue

As we speak, a new resident is on her way to Forest Animal Rescue!

Rescued bobcat

This poor bobcat was an attempted pet in Oklahoma. She either escaped or was released into the wild to fend for herself.

Emaciated and starving, she had a collar that was so tightly embedded around her neck it had to be cut off.

She weighed half of what she should, and showed old injuries, scrapes and a broken toe.

Fortunately, the wildlife rehabilitation facility that rescued her knew she would need lifetime care at a true sanctuary. She would never be able to hunt or feed herself in the wild since she had been raised by people.

They reached out in search of a true sanctuary and found Forest Animal Rescue.

We will provide her with excellent care for the rest of her life…..This starts with giving her a name. Will you help?

With your gift to help with her care, you can suggest a name for this little girl!

5 thoughts on “Help us welcome our newest rescue”

  1. I’m not very imaginative, but I like the name Bobbi. I donate regularly, but not online. You’ll get a check soon.

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