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Hurricane Matthew hit the sanctuary as a tropical storm

    Fortunately, we are not closer to the Florida coast.

    We had substantial rain, wind and some tornadoes in the area, but all of the animals (and humans) are safe.

    The animal habitats are unharmed, but with 80 acres of wooded land, we have lots of trees down and damaged and have some equipment that didn’t do so well.

    The 17,000 watt generator at the sanctuary kept the freezers, the well, and everything else running smoothly through power outages.

    Unfortunately, the intern/volunteer houses are still without power. The power company says that it may be back on as soon as tomorrow.

    What we need:

    • Tree service – if you or someone you know does professional tree-trimming, we have some HUGE trees that are damaged and threatening to fall on parts of the sanctuary
    • Volunteers to help clean up the debris – If you would like to help and have not already done so, please complete a volunteer application so that you can be added to our volunteer email list. We will be scheduling work days soon.
    • New equipment and equipment repairs – We are in need of new chain saws, hedgers, pole saws, chains, straps and anything else that can be used to clean up the mess – as well as repairs to our equipment.

    We won’t let this slow us down – we are still working on our Animal Care Building as well as the constant expansion of animal habitats.

    Would you like to join us?

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