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New rescue amid COVID-19 situation

Late last night, we received a call to rescue an African serval – a small wild cat. “Simba” – the 2-year-old serval had not done anything wrong; he was simply an attempted pet and found himself in an inappropriate situation.

With all of the quarantine and stress of the Coronavirus pandemic, we needed a little good news; Simba did too. We were happy to help this beautiful cat; the opportunity lifted our spirits too!

We agreed to accept provide Simba with lifetime care at our sanctuary. We picked him up this morning and brought him straight back to his forever home.

He is in a quarantine habitat, for now, not only for Coronavirus reasons but as a standard practice any time we rescue a new animal. He can see, hear, and smell his future serval playmates, but they are ‘social distancing’ for a few weeks before they can meet up close.

Since Simba has already been neutered, we simply need to wait until the proper time has passed and he is cleared by our veterinarian. Then we can start introducing him to Kenya, Kito, and Saka, the other servals at Forest Animal Rescue. They are going to love having another friend!

2 thoughts on “New rescue amid COVID-19 situation”

  1. I’m confused about how, in this day and age, can people get wild animals as pets? I thought it was illegal.
    Anyway, I’m just so happy there are people like you who are able to continue care for these animals. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Unfortunately it is still legal to keep some wild animals as pets in many states. The animals deserve better. True sanctuaries are working together to try to change the laws, but the general public needs to know about the issue and help to move the politicians.

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