We are always amazed by our dedicated volunteers!

We had a Fantastic weekend; our fundraiser at Cactus Jack’s on Saturday, May 18 went very well and we met lots of future volunteers too! The next day, we had 20 people show up to help out, both regular volunteers and lots of new ones! They worked in the heat of the day and right[…]

Habitat building, hog ringing, wire cutting, tractor fixing, dirt raking, panel dragging, concrete block unloading…

We had another really productive weekend with a great turnout of regular volunteers, new volunteers and the Animal Warriors group! Thank you everyone for all of your habitat wall and roof building, hog ringing, wire cutting, concrete block unloading, tractor fixing, dirt raking, photographing and “butt workout” panel dragging! WOW – what a crew! We[…]

Broken sand pine

Why are we removing sand pines from the new property in the forest?

We didn’t realize it until after we had purchased the property, but apparently the sand pines need to go. We have been advised by several biologists to take them out before we build. They have poor structural strength and will fall over onto our fencing and habitats, creating a potential threat to the animals in[…]

Animal Warriors helping with construction

We recently had two fantastic work days with a volunteer group called Animal Warriors. They are an extremely hardworking group of volunteers, experienced in working with sanctuaries of all sorts. They have helped several other well-respected sanctuaries with various projects and we were fortunate enough to have met them when we need volunteers the most.[…]