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We are always amazed by our dedicated volunteers!

We had a Fantastic weekend; our fundraiser at Cactus Jack’s on Saturday, May 18 went very well and we met lots of future volunteers too!

The next day, we had 20 people show up to help out, both regular volunteers and lots of new ones! They worked in the heat of the day and right through a heavy rain storm, finishing up as the sky cleared. What a dedicated group.

The hard working gang included the most AMAZING group from Westbrook Service Corporation once again. They donated the materials and  brought trucks, a trencher, tools and a whole crew of professionals to help us! They have come through for us like this on multiple occasions, we really appreciate their dedication to the animals.

The Westbrook group trenched and ran power lines and water lines to all of the carnivores, running main lines from all the way at the far end of the 80 acres. We will now have electrical outlets and lights available along with hose bibs and places to connect our automatic waterers. As soon as we have full-time power we will be ready to go! (still on generators for now)

At the same time, we had five people from Animal Warriors join us again to work on habitat construction along with new volunteers who came on their own and our new intern. We are always so impressed by the generosity of our volunteers, giving of themselves when they have such busy lives.

At the end of the day everyone had been hot, rained on, chilled, hot again and wound up feeling really good about everything we accomplished. I”m sure everyone slept well last night. When you see the animals relaxing and thriving, enjoying their new homes it makes all the hard work so worthwhile.

If you are over 18 and would like to join us as a volunteer just send an email or call and we will make it happen!




3 thoughts on “We are always amazed by our dedicated volunteers!”

  1. Glad to hear all this great news and even happier to see that Kurtculeus is back up and on his feet!

  2. We are looking forward to this weekend. It is amazing to be part of the expansion of the facility! Everytime we visit we leave feeling great that we are able to help and make a difference!! See you soon.

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