Treeage: Definition

tree·age /trēˈäZH/ Urgently cutting through trees trying to find your perimeter fence after Hurricane Irma and determining the extent of damage The assigning of priority order to areas of fencing damaged or buried by falling trees treeage –  transitive verb Would you like to help? Donate Volunteer

Forest Animal Rescue is in the path of Hurricane Irma

The sanctuary has been through hurricanes before. In 2004 we were located a few hours south, near the Peace River. We were directly hit by hurricanes Charley, Frances and Jeanne over a period of only 6 weeks. We sustained $200,000 in damage but had no injuries or escapes. Attempting to evacuate 100 animals in an[…]

Hurricane Matthew hit the sanctuary as a tropical storm

Fortunately, we are not closer to the Florida coast. We had substantial rain, wind and some tornadoes in the area, but all of the animals (and humans) are safe. The animal habitats are unharmed, but with 80 acres of wooded land, we have lots of trees down and damaged and have some equipment that didn’t[…]

Hurricane Hermine – the worst part is over at the sanctuary

This photo is just before the storm hit our area last night. There was a lot of wind and rain, but fortunately we had minimal damage. A large tree limb was blocking the driveway this morning but all of the animals and people are safe and sound. There are a few more bands of thunderstorms[…]

Blizzard with his Planet Ball

The move went well, Marion County is welcoming, but there are other problems…

The animals are all at the new location, safe and sound. We had 4 weeks to run back and forth to take down fencing and caging material before the new owners took possession. In the end, we wound up short of help and ran out of time…. It seems a shame that with as many[…]