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Thank you for your generous support!

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Thank you!!

Your generosity is appreciated very much and you can be assured that your gift will be used to benefit the animals at Forest Animal Rescue.

If you specified a designation for your gift, it will be used exclusively for that purpose. If you selected to donate monthly, you will receive a year-end recap of all of your gifts for tax purposes.

With help from friends like you, we can continue to provide excellent care for all of the animals and still afford to work nonstop on the construction of the animal care building as well as habitat expansion and construction for the animals.

We keep our overhead is as low as possible to make the most efficient use of the support received, so you can give confidently knowing that your gift is being used as efficiently as possible.

We will follow up with an email for you to accept an invitation to receive our email news alerts. If you would like to receive them, click on the link in that email – if not, simply disregard it. Of course, we respect your privacy and will never share your information or ‘spam’ you.

Thank you for being our friend!

Thank you,

Lisa Stoner, VP

PS – Would you like to help the sanctuary even more? Please give us positive reviews online!

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20 thoughts on “Thank you for your generous support!”

  1. In memory of Damien. Much love to this place and all the people and animals that make up Forest Animal Rescue.

  2. In memory of the peaceful Black Bears killed in the recent trophy hunts in New Jersey, and Florida (2015)

  3. A little help from someone who loves animals and is very thankful we have people like you devoting your life to helping these wonderful creatures.

  4. Just donated for Tony and his future cat friends. Thank you all for your hard work keeping these guys safe, healthy and happy

  5. Mr & Mrs Alan Spalmacin

    These animals deserve the opportunity to live out their lives in peace and dignity. God bless you for your Good Work.

  6. Thank you for all you do for the beautiful animals who live out their lives in your care. I feel privileged to have volunteered with such caring and devoted people as you two, and I look forward to my return!

  7. I was so sad and upset to hear Winn Dixie pulled it donations from you organization without any notice so you can make other arrangements. I was able to set up a monthly donation after reading this in the Star Banner. Thank you for all you do for these gorgeous animals!! God Bless You and your family!!

  8. I am so glad there are organizations like yours out there to help the poor animals who have been put in such terrible situations by uncaring people. You have chosen a hard road to follow, but please know that you have lots of supporters, so keep doing your wonderful, life-saving work!

  9. Keep up the good work and struggle to give these animals the respect and care they deserve. Places like this are the last vestige for wildlife whose habitats are being destroyed at a rapid pace.

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