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Volunteers building perimeter fence

A light at the end of the tunnel (literally!)

Volunteers building perimeter fenceAs you probably know, we are STILL running generators to provide power for the animals.

The refrigerators need to run full time and we are only able to run the well part time, so we are still filling bowls, buckets and bottles of water for the animals instead of them having automatic waterers.

In order for the power company to install our power, they need a permit to cross a few feet of US Forest Service land. We applied for this permit about two years ago and still don’t have it.


We think there is a light at the end of the tunnel….

The most recent delay is that US Forest Service re-surveyed much of the land in our area 30 years ago.  They re-marked the new boundaries and apparently people have had issues all through this area with boundary disputes.

Three years ago when we installed our fence, we used Forest Service boundary markers to determine the property line. That was a big mistake.

Apparently some of the survey markers that we used were the OLD markers – we never found new ones. Now parts of our 8’ perimeter are over 30’ on National Forest property!

US Forest Service won’t issue the permit for power until this is corrected.

Will you help us fix this problem and get permanent power to the animals?

[important] Here is what we need:

  1. We have agreed to pay a surveyor approximately $5,000 to GPS our boundaries and stake our property line so we know exactly where the fence needs to be and which parts need to move. The survey should be complete by next week.
  2. We need to pay abut $1,000 for additional fencing materials to keep our perimeter secure while we take down and move the fence we installed 3 years ago. We plan to begin moving fence immediately upon competion of the survey.
  3. We still don’t have the amount that the buried power main will cost us, but it is expected to be expensive. We are hoping that the permit to run power will be approved quickly once the fence is moved. [/important]

We have a special fund established to pay expenses related to obtaining power and running on backup generators until that is accomplished.

Please help us with this expensive startup expense so that we can get on with habitat expansion and preparation to open for guided tours.

Thank you for helping the animals settle into their new home!

5 thoughts on “A light at the end of the tunnel (literally!)”

  1. Shari Beville Sexton

    I use to,own property very close to where you are now. My property was adjacent to the Forest Boundary too. When the forestry came in and surveyed 30 years ago we knew then they had made a big mistake. We did not move our fence because of the problem you are now having. I’m so sorry for you guys. Too bad the survey company that made that mistake should not be held accountable for the extra costs. My parents live on my old property now and love to hear the roars of the big cats every now,and then. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for your kind words of support. If the ‘new’ boundary markers had been there at least we would have known to question it, but even the main corner markers are missing. The old ones were still there, so we assumed those were our actual corners. One more thing to slow us down, but we are close to resolving it.
    – Lisa

  3. Well – the fence-moving project was completed on August 8 – Forest Service inspected it on I think August 13th.

    Our power permit was supposed to be issued as soon at the “fence encroachment” was corrected…….still no permit. Hopefully we will hear something very soon, we are all ready and waiting to install power.

    Meanwhile we just spent another $1,100 on fuel over 48 hours.


  4. Hi Lisa,
    Is there anyone we could write or call that could possibly speed up the process of getting the permit granted? Congressman, senator, governor, secretary of agriculture??? I’m guessing if enough people aggravate the person above the Forest Service by calling or writing daily, they’ll put a fire under them to get this permit though. Not sure who that person may be, but I’m willing to call and write, and would image some other people reading this would be too.


  5. We involved a Congressman a few months ago and we believe this is what finally got the process moving. We are getting close to having the permit now – there is nothing else they can do to delay it further. Fingers crossed!

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