Help name the cougars from Argentina

After 15 years at a zoo in Argentina, these magnificent cats have never been given names. Now that they are at Forest Animal Rescue and will experience a true sanctuary for the rest of their lives, they need NAMES. Before September 30th, submit your favorite names, one for the female and one for the male.[…]

Price is right for new animal building

The Ocala StarBanner does it again! Another fantastic article by our local newspaper. They researched the entire article and even have a quote from Bob Barker himself! We are so excited to start construction – everything has been waiting on this permit – but we had ‘stalled’ in our fundraising due to the uncertain[…]

Help us buy TOYS!!

The new tigers and bears have settled in beautifully – as we complete the construction of their acreage homes, we need to keep them occupied… Will you help us to buy toys for them? Juanita already showed us how much she enjoys the ball we gave her, but it has seen better days and she[…]

2016 Christmas for the Animals

Once again, all of the animals at Forest Animal Rescue enjoyed Christmas as much as we did. The new tigers and bears behaved as if this is the first time they had seen enrichment like this- they were a real joy to watch. Since they never had access to live trees in Colorado, some of[…]

Decorated tree

Vote for our tree in the People’s Choice Awards

November 26 – December 3, 2016 4:00pm-8:00pm each evening at the Grand Oaks Visit event page for more details Vote for our tree (#20 in the People’s Choice Awards) to help the animals What’s on our Tree? $6,773 in value! It includes an african Safari for two and more! Zulu Nyala, South Africa $5,950 6[…]

Volunteer food prep

Have you seen how we feed our primates?

Have you wondered how we are fortunate enough to have them all stay so healthy? The most important component is their nutritious diet and proper preventative care. See what we do to create this nutritious, delicious daily diet that meets their individual needs:  

We are a 2016 Top-Rated Nonprofit!

Thanks to all of your outstanding reviews, we are a Top-Rated Nonprofit again this year on We couldn’t have done it without you! Keep the reviews coming and help spread the word about the sanctuary to help us continue our expansion.

Farewell Kisa

When we first had the vision to start a wild animal sanctuary and made the decision to make it happen, the animals came in quickly. So quickly, in fact, that we were scrambling to provide for an immediate waiting list. Kisa, a Siberian lynx, was one of the lucky ones. She was among the very first animals[…]