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Update on Timber’s recovery

It has been a week since Timber’s life-threatening injury and major surgery. (see details here) She is continuing to heal and looking brighter today.

This poor girl is clearly still in pain, but she is getting her medications on schedule and we are hopeful that things will continue to improve as planned.

She is scheduled for another veterinary exam on Thursday – we will keep you posted.

We won’t stop trying until Timber is her happy, healthy self again!

We are building an expansion to the wolf habitat to allow Timber and Yukon to each have a large space of their own. They will share a wall so they can be close toto one another if they wish. Since they obviously disagree about who is in charge, they won’t live in the same habitat as we had hoped.

4 thoughts on “Update on Timber’s recovery”

  1. Though my cat is much smaller the event is similar. She was born wild, surviving on her own but showed up at my door a couple years ago. Her throat had been grabbed and gnashed wide open by something . I managed to get her to the vet who performed surgery. Three years later she cannot meow but has sweet squeak sound and is now an indoor cat here ! Sure do hope the results will be the same for Timber.

  2. Only one can be the highest ranked. There are no equals in a wolf pack or a dog pack for that matter. In the wild this part of how that gets decided. The male is always more dominant than any female. With a different introduction and giving a lot more time to know each other and for him to begin to be interested in her the outcome may have been very differeent

  3. He was very interested in her. They were both wanting to be together. Yukon was not showing any signs of aggression, only ‘dominance’ body language, so we were very hopeful. Unfortunately, we think the problem may be the fact that Timber refused to be submissive. For the relationship to work out she would need to allow him to be Alpha. We are all just praying she survives the ordeal.

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