Yukon is on his way!

Yukon, a rescued wolf is on his way to Forest Animal Rescue! This poor wolf was living at a facility in California that closed, surrendering its permits to the State of California, amid financial struggles. This left almost 500 animals seeking shelter. After thorough examination, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife chose to place[…]

Construction is underway!

Our Bob Barker Animal Care Building is finally going up!   The painful waiting game is finally over. After a tedious process of designing the building, followed by 8 1/2 months struggling through red tape to obtain the Marion County building permit, we are finally allowed to build! We brought in fill, cleared trees, built[…]

Bear Freedom Project 2015 update

The cub made a few steps toward a tree then just stopped, crouched and cried. He knew he wasn’t strong enough to escape. This was the beginning of our black bear rehabilitation/release project – with an endangered Louisiana black bear. We named the little guy “Avonaco”, a Native American Cheyenne name meaning “lean bear.” He[…]

Please help us finish the tiger habitat for Tony & Roy

We have been steadily building and expanding habitats, preparing for guided tours, but we need your help… When we left our old location in Zolfo Springs, we left behind 15 years of construction. Our tigers, Tony & Roy, had a 1-acre habitat to romp and play among the oak trees. We have promised them that  we[…]

We are always amazed by our dedicated volunteers!

We had a Fantastic weekend; our fundraiser at Cactus Jack’s on Saturday, May 18 went very well and we met lots of future volunteers too! The next day, we had 20 people show up to help out, both regular volunteers and lots of new ones! They worked in the heat of the day and right[…]

Blizzard with his Planet Ball

The move went well, Marion County is welcoming, but there are other problems…

The animals are all at the new location, safe and sound. We had 4 weeks to run back and forth to take down fencing and caging material before the new owners took possession. In the end, we wound up short of help and ran out of time…. It seems a shame that with as many[…]

Broken sand pine

Why are we removing sand pines from the new property in the forest?

We didn’t realize it until after we had purchased the property, but apparently the sand pines need to go. We have been advised by several biologists to take them out before we build. They have poor structural strength and will fall over onto our fencing and habitats, creating a potential threat to the animals in[…]